June 2019: More updates to QRM.guru with case studies on garage door openers, fluro lights and we start a list of recommended LED lights for your home.  Please email us if your club would like us to visit to demonstrate QRM.guru

14-18 May 2019: RASA visits four VK2 radio clubs to demonstrate QRM.guru.  Send us an email for more info.  feedback@qrm.guru

May 2019: QRM Kill Kit is available for purchase for $150.   Send us an email if you’re interested. feedback@qrm.guru

3 May 2019: RASA visits Eastern & Mountain District Radio Club. QRM.guru Kill Kit is presented and a kit is donated to the club.  Members got busy – read about it here.

10 March 2019: RASA releases QRM.guru via its Bulletin.  Please review, contribute and help make this tool a success!  Send your feedback to feedback@qrm.guru

2 March 2019: RASA attends Perthtech to demonstrate the beta version of QRM.guru