27 Nov 20 – QRM Guru presentation via Zoom to MERC here in VK3

Covid-19 – in spite of Covid-19 we’ve conducted a few meetings with clubs via Zoom

13/14 March – Antennapalooza…  themem this year was QRM

18 January 2020 – Updates about using Chokes to minimise noise https://qrm.guru/using-chokes/

14 January 2020 – QRM Guru Plans for 2020

It is almost 16 months since a small team decided to do something about QRM and RFI.  At the time, we had no idea what that “something” would look like.  But thanks to our members, and over 20 contributors, QRM Guru has become a useful resource to assist radio amateurs in identifying and minimising QRM.

QRM Guru was first released at PerthTech in March 2019.  Since then the QRM Guru team have:

  • posted sixty articles on identifying and resolving QRM;
  • presented QRM Guru at 12 clubs and hamfests across five Australian states;
  • donated ten QRM Kill Kits to radio clubs (estimated retail value of ~$200 each);
  • developed nine videos explaining how to use the tools and techniques;
  • posted eleven case studies from real world situations from your fellow VK hams; and,
  • invested almost $1,300 in QRM Guru (web site and QRM Kill Kits).

This year our goals for QRM Guru are:

  • make QRM Guru easier to use for newcomers and non-technical users;
  • investigate how we attack new sources of QRM/RFI;
  • seeking cooperation with more clubs, especially the larger state based clubs;
  • donate another ten QRM Kill Kits to clubs;
  • visit at least six clubs; and,
  • seek closer cooperation with the WIA in promoting QRM Guru.

Donating QRM Kill Kits and presenting to clubs are our largest expense.  We welcome financial donations to help us deliver and improve this resource.  Please contact us if you’d like to donate.  Every little bit helps.

Are you a Foundation Licensee, or newcomer willing to help us make QRM Guru more user friendly?   You don’t need any special knowledge, other than a desire to learn and experiment with QRM Guru tools & techniques.  Please send us an email if you’re willing to assist.

Next.  Do you have a deep knowledge or professional experience with electrical engineering and/or RF technologies?  If so, and you’re willing help, please contact us.  We’re looking for people to assist us in investigating and developing strategies to address new and emerging RFI generating technologies.

Please email us if you have any suggestions or requests for QRM Guru in 2020.  Also, if your club would like a presentation, please send us an email.

Our email address is [email protected].

January: New posts covering details on LED lights and more strategies on DF-ing and noise cancellation

2019: Thanks to clubs for their support – QRM Guru presented at 12 events across five states, and donated 10 QRM Kill kits in 2019

December: Great video from Peter VK3YE on the important of suppressing noise in your shack

December: New post from Andrew VK3FS on tracking down noise on 2m.  And a successful outcome.

November: New article for newcomers, newbies and FL.  Intro to QRM.

November: Excellent article on dealing with LED downlight noise

November: QRM Guruto visit Rosebud RadioFest in VK3.

September: QRM Guru scheduled to visit Hornsby Radio Club on 24th September

September: Great template and article on solar panel installation.  With thanks to Max VK3YBA

August: New video on how to use the QRM Kill Kit!  And soon some great updates if you’re considering Solar Panel installation.  Stay tuned.

August: QRM Guru visits SE Radio Group in Mt Gambier to demonstrate QRM.guru.

June: More updates to QRM.guru with case studies on garage door openers, fluro lights and we start a list of recommended LED lights for your home.  Please email us if your club would like us to visit to demonstrate QRM.guru

14-18 May: QRM Guru visits four VK2 radio clubs to demonstrate QRM.guru.  Send us an email for more info.  [email protected]

May 2019: QRM Kill Kit is available for purchase for $150.   Send us an email if you’re interested. [email protected]

3 May: QRM Guru visits Eastern & Mountain District Radio Club. QRM.guru Kill Kit is presented and a kit is donated to the club.  Members got busy – read about it here.

10 March: Team releases QRM.guru via its Bulletin.  Please review, contribute and help make this tool a success!  Send your feedback to [email protected]

2 March 2019: Team attends Perthtech to demonstrate the beta version of QRM.guru