We are thrilled to report that QRM Guru developer, researcher and author, Ian Jackson VK3BUF, has been awarded the WIA Technical Excellence Award for 2022.

In presenting the award, WIA President, Scott Williams VK3KJ noted Ian’s outstanding contribution to help radio amateurs identify and fight local QRM issues.  Scott made special mention of Ian’s educational videos and his articles, including the very information “The Truth about Ferrites”.

This is great news.  We trust the WIA will continue its support in the promotion of this highly respected resource in the fight against what is regarded by many as one of the largest threats to their enjoyment of the hobby.

In cities and metropolitan environments, local RFI and QRM has become one of the most deleterious influences to radio amateurs in modern times.  The plethora of electrical devices that now flood our homes (and those of our neighbours) have made amateur radio almost unusable for many hobbyists.  For many, it has heralded the end of the hobby.

Ian VK3BUF is a key collaborator in the online resource QRM Guru.  This resource is provided free of charge to all radio amateurs to assist in identifying and resolving or minimizing local RFI/QRM issues.  It has also proven to be an effective educational resource.

Over 29 hams from around the world have contributed to QRM Guru, but perhaps the most notable is Ian Jackson, VK3BUF.  Ian has conducted a number of experiments and written articles which take some of the mystery out of hitherto complex concepts.  Perhaps his most notable article demystifies ferrites and how they can be applied to RFI suppression.


This article has been read over 16,400 times across 88 countries since it was published on 12 Feb 2020.

It was listed in DXZones “Best Amateur Radio Links of 2020”


Along with other QRM Guru articles it has been translated into multiple languages (inc. Dutch, German, Italian, Greek).

Ian has developed 12 educational videos to introduce complex topics in a pragmatic manner and has conducted experiments to illustrate otherwise very “difficult to understand” concepts.


Ian produced this video on ferrites and their application in reducing QRM/RFI.


Ian also developed and was instrumental in a kit of ferrites available to VK hams along with practical instructions in how to apply them for maximum effect.  There are over 30 examples where Ian and his collaborators have assisted VK hams in resolving RFI issues.  Countless others have benefited from this resource.

In 2019 and early 2020 (prior to the Covid-19 lockdowns), Ian and his fellow collaborator visited 13 VK radio clubs across four states to introduce and demonstrate QRM Guru.  He received excellent reviews from these presentations.

Leigh Turner VK5KLT a Professional RF Engineer, reviewed Ian’s article “The Truth about ferrites” and commended Ian on a “brass-tacks practical AR oriented article” that will “materially advanced amateur knowledge about RFI and noise mitigation techniques”.

This practical resource, accessible to all radio amateurs is a first of its kind and evolves as new case studies and experiences are shared by the collaborators and contributors.  Ian’s work represents the very foundations of the amateur radio spirit.  He is to be commended for this work and we submit that his efforts are worthy of a WIA Award.