QRM Guru Service Desk – online ticketing system

30 July 2022

QRM Guru and RASA are pleased to announce that effective 1 August 2022 we’ll be offering email and limited telephone support for amateurs seeking additional assistance with their QRM & RFI problems.

A service desk has been implemented using Freshdesk.  This works on the same platform used by over 50,000 businesses world-wide.  Our service will run as a trial until the end of 2022 when we’ll review its performance, sustainability, and value for the amateur radio community.

Before raising a ticket with QRM Guru, please ensure you’ve followed the process and attempted to identify and resolve your QRM problems yourself.  Please ensure you provide as much information as you can about your problem.  As a minimum we expect that you will:

  1. Follow the process http://qrm.guru/qrm-guru-process/
  2. Profile the noise and complete the template http://qrm.guru/noise-profiling-template-for-the-radio-ham/
  3. Be able to provide us with additional data and information as requested
  4. Be willing to work collaboratively with the team

So, if you could do with a bit of extra help in sorting your QRM, email us at

[email protected]


We’ll get back to you within 72 hours.  Support will be via email, but in certain circumstances we may ask to speak with you on the phone.


Note: our resources are limited, and this is a free service.  QRM situations can vary widely and there are many variables that can influence the complexity in identifying and resolving QRM/RFI.  Support will usually be limited to advice by correspondence and does not imply that we are able to provide a physical presence at an interference site.  No guarantee of success or specific service level is implied.

The team will provide as much support as can be reasonably expected.