If you wish to contact us please send us an email to feedback@qrm.guru

Please note that we dont have the resources to offer you individual advice or comment on your personal situation.  QRM.guru is an online educational and general information resourse.  RASA encourages clubs to put together a Kill QRM go kit and assist members in resolving QRM issues.

If you are notifying us of an error or correction releating to a post on this website, please include all details so we can identify the post and correct the error.

If you are sending us material for a new post, please follow these guidelines:

  • provide us with your full name, callsign and contact details – we may need to contact you to confirm details;
  • give us permission to use your material on our website;
  • confirm that you have no conflict of interest with any recommendation or product reviews;
  • provide us with all the material relevant for us to fully describe your experience, case study or recommendation;
  • picture and videos really add to a post; please include both if you are able.