21 July 2022

In a recent ACMA Update ( 20th July) the ACMA deny any official support for QRM Guru.  We are genuinely confused by this announcement.  It is our firm understanding that our announcement represented our in good faith discussions with ACMA.  ACMA’s acknowledgement that QRM Guru would add value to the amateur radio sector and their own compliance operations team was unambiguous.  They were also extremely supportive of our plans to promote QRM Guru with the WIA and rollout a national education campaign.

We will be writing to the ACMA seeking clarification.

Whatever the outcome of this confusion, RASA will continue its support for QRM Guru.  It is the only on-the-ground sector led resource to assist radio amateurs (and the ACMA) in dealing with unwanted RFI for the Amateur Radio community.

In the meantime, irrespective of ACMA’s stance, QRM Guru’s next step is to implement a dedicated online ticket support system for amateurs dealing with RFI.  This service will provide email and limited telephone support to amateurs with chronic or particularly challenging QRM/RFI issues.  We’ll also support clubs and beginners looking for guidance.

You’ll hear more about this in the coming couple of weeks.  Our other initiative, following on from ACMA’s recommendation, is to prepare a national education and support rollout program.

More news on the above topics as it comes to hand