This article Common-Mode Chokes by Chuck Counselman, W1HIS is well worth reading.  (Credit: Chuck Counselman, W1HIS)

We provide links to some VK suppliers for Ferrite cores, snap-ons and beads.  Have a look around their web sites and do some research.


Element14 sells a number of ferrite rings, beads and snap-ons.  Just two examples suitable for RG213 or RG58 coax.

The following products are available from Jaycar and Altronics.  We’ll add to this list in the coming weeks and months as we get feedback from VK hams.

Ferrite suppressors are available in Australia from the following suppliers:

The following products can be obtained from Jaycar.  Don’t forget to register as a Nerd and get discounts!






Product Link Purpose
U15 Clamp on suppressor LF1294 Good protection to 500MHz
U16 Clamp on suppressor LF1292 Good protection to 100MHz
U25 Clamp on suppressor LF1290 Good protection to 300MHz


Altronics also have a good selection of noise suppressors.

Altronics Ferrites product range