QRM Guru now provides educational support for newcomers.  If you’re a newcomer and would like some friendly assistance just send us an email.  We only ask that you treat this as a learning process and follow these guidelines:

  • please follow the process as described on QRM Guru and practice experimentation;
  • if practical, reach out to a local club for support;
  • please do not expose yourself or others to AC mains voltages;
  • please do not modify neighbour’s equipment or appliances;
  • this support is an educational process.  You are responsible for your own actions and results;
  • QRM Guru email support is provided on a best effort basis – we are all volunteers;
QRM/RFI can be complex – there are no guarantees or promises but we’ll do our best.  In the meantime, start here.
And if you need help, just send us an email. [email protected]