This great case study from a VK amateur….

I have a Telstra NBN modem, used for a FTTN service.  It is installed on a shelf in the garage

My 40m dipole runs across the garage – the end is about 7m away from the modem.  Whenever I transmitted, RF would cause the modem to lose synch, and it needed to be rebooted to get the service back….losing Netflix is not good for domestic harmony, let me tell you!

I installed 3 snap on ferrites on the input phone line – I managed to get three turns on two, and two turns on one.  I also put two turns on a snap on ferrite on the DC input.

I also used ring ferrites for the two Cat 6 lines to/from the modem – three turns on each.

Probably overkill, but it works a treat – 100W of CW key down, and no problems.

Domestic harmony restored.

Thank-you QRM Guru!  Photos of the before and after below….

(Ed: visit this page to understand more about ferrites and noise suppression)

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