Typical Solar PV domestic installation


Solar power in Australia is a growing industry. As of September 2018, Australia had over 10,131 MW of installed photovoltaic (PV) solar power,[1] of which 3,366 MW were installed in the preceding 12 months. In 2017, 23 solar PV projects with a combined installed capacity of 2,034 MW were either under construction, constructed or due to start construction having reached financial closure.[2] PV accounted for 3.8% of Australia’s electrical energy production in 2017.  (Source: Wikipedia)

The costs to install the average system have halved since 2012, so we’re likely to see this take-up continue.

However, these power generation technologies have brought their fair share of grief to many radio amateurs and short-wave enthusiasts. Modern digital electronic equipment produces at least some noise, and solar panel systems are digital.

See an example of what RFI from a solar panel system looks and sounds like at the end of this article.

For some general information about solar systems and how they work, refer the following link: Solar System Basics

The best form of cure is prevention, and your first priority in minimizing RFI from solar power systems should be in the selection and installation of the system. As with many other digital electronic technology, there will be suppliers and products that are better designed and engineered to reduce and limit RFI.  So, if you, or your neighbours are considering a solar panel system, please start by selecting a system which will limit the RFI it creates.

As with the identification process, you should be keeping a log and journal to help you confirm the source of the noise.  If solar panels are the likely culprit, then the noise should abate during night-time hours.  Make sure your journal is factual and contains as much information as possible.

Here is a list of suppliers who use products that comply with Australian standards.

Accredited Installers

Where you have direct experience with an installation and are happy to recommend it, please drop us an email.  To date, the following systems (Inverters) have been reported as being either noisy or quiet by active radio amateurs.

“Clean Quiet systems” as advised by radio amateurs *



“Noisy systems” as advised by radio amateurs *

AP Systems APS YC-500A

*Note: QRM.guru and RASA have not independently verified these findings. These references are provided in good faith based on feedback from VK radio amateurs.  Please conduct your own enquiries before making a purchasing decision.


Dealing with noisy Solar Power systems.

The system is installed.  “The horse has bolted”.  What are your options?

Your only real option is to collect the evidence and refer the matter back to the installer/supplier.  Unless you are an electrician or accredited solar installer you should not attempt any remediation efforts on grid connected solar power systems.

Generic video of Solar System noise