Now you know its power line noise – make sure all your evidence and supporting documents are well organized.  You’ve used your DF equipment to narrow it down to a pole and/or location.

Ensure you have captured as much information as possible on the Power Line Noise Tracking Template and have supporting files; eg. Video and/or sound recordings, photos etc.

“Virtually all power-line noise, originating from utility company equipment, is caused by a spark or arcing across some power-line related hardware. A breakdown and ionization of air occurs, and current flows between two conductors in a gap. The gap may be caused by broken, improperly installed or loose hardware. Typical culprits include insufficient and inadequate hardware spacing such as a gap between a ground wire and a staple

How to identify the offending pole”

With thanks to Mike Gruber W1MG

Another instructional video by K8BZ can be found here.

Follow this simple procedure and make sure you keep a diary of all your correspondence, written, telephone calls and emails.

Contact your Power Line distributor and explain the problem.  You may need to do some digging around websites and/or contact their call centre for contact details.

If your power distributor refuses to co-operate you should ask your local ombudsman to intervene.

Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW

Energy and Water Ombudsman Western Australia

Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria

Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland

Energy Ombudsman Tasmania

Energy Ombudsman South Australia

Ombudsman NT

Ombudsman Aust Capital Territory

Once you’ve located the offending pole, be sure to take some photos of the ID plates.You can also contact the ACMA and request their intervention.  Use this form: