A VK6 member found this very useful reference on noise suppression.  Full acknowledgements to G8JNJ.

Whilst this document has been written from a UK perspective, it is very useful for:

  • noise suppression in consumer appliances & switch mode power supplies
  • reducing noise in the shack
  • using ferrite rings to suppress noise
  • understanding RFI

G8JNJ Notes

An example using ferrite rings to suppress noise from this power supply

Another very useful reference.  Full acknowledgements to Jim Brown K9YC

To solve interference problems, we must understand them. So we’ll begin by describing the ways that RF interference is coupled into equipment and detected. There are several principal mechanisms at work. You should study this tutorial thoroughly to understand how these things work.”



Keywords: ADSL routers, PC Noise, Using Ferrite rings, Filters, switch mode power supplies