QRM.guru is an aid in the search, identification and removal, reduction and hopefully elimination of electrical noise around the home and surrounds, and more particularly interference to the amateur radio station. It is suggested to read the “Start here” page first then investigate sections of the site that interest you.


If you’re wanting to use this resource as a process guide, simply follow these steps:

Step 1 – Read the “About” page to get a good overview of this resource.

Step 2 – Basic Diagnosis.  Start here!

Step 3 – Locating noise in your own home

Step 4 – Reducing noise in your shack

Step 5 – Building a DF Loop antenna

Step 6 – Locating the noise source

Step 7 – Narrowing down the noise source

Step 8 – Techniques for resolving noise



Solar Panels

Power Line Noise

General – Dealing with neighbours